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Testing with PB Laboratories

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We are so excited to have you as a customer! We know you feel passionately about your products, and we feel just as passionately about ensuring you have reliable and accurate testing. To begin cannabis testing with PB Laboratories, please follow these steps:

1.   Set up your online customer portal  -  Our laboratory information management system (LIMS) makes it easy to place orders, check the status of orders, and receive COAs. Please contact us and we will send you an email link to set up your portal. TagLeaf User Guide

2.   Identify what you need to test for compliance  -  If you are testing for state compliance, make sure you are ordering the correct testing. A crosswalk of necessary testing is below. For full details, please see state regulations:

3.  Place your order in LIMS and create shipping manifest  -  Place your order(s) in LIMS (TagLeaf Login) and create shipping manifest in BiotrackTHC. Please note that your manifest and order must match exactly what you are bringing to test. If the manifest does not match we will reject the sample; in accordance with state regulations.

4.  Collect your sample  -  To get the best and most accurate results on your cannabis products you should take care in collecting your samples for testing. Full guidelines from the state can be found here:

  • Select the sample by collecting product across the whole batch (i.e.,  pick buds from different areas of the containers).

  • Ensure that you collect at least the minimum required amount (see TagLeaf for requirements).

  • Make sure to place the samples in clean, sealable containers. Amber jars and vials can be helpful for this as they prevent conversion of cannabinoids.

  • Store the samples properly on delivery to the lab. For example, don't leave products in the hot sun or make sure products that need refrigeration are kept cool.                      

5.  Deliver the Sample to the Laboratory - Please deliver for intake at our Albuquerque based lab during      open hours (M-F 11:00 AM - 3:00 PM). Please note that we ask that testing be paid in full prior to, or at the time of sample drop off.

6.  Receive your COA - Once we have completed your testing you will receive your results directly in your customer portal. In addition, your COAs from previous testing will be stored there for easy access and review.

If you have any questions or need further information, please contact us. We are happy to help you.

*For these types, products testing shall not be required to have tested for pesticide residue if they are made from cannabis concentrate or cannabis extract with verified pesticide residue test results, so long as the establishment can demonstrate that the resulting product will not exceed action level for that type of cannabis product.

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