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  • How long will it take to get my results?
    We will have your results within 7 days of receiving your sample. However, if you drop your sample off outside of our normal drop-off hours (After 3 pm) we will not be to intake it until the next day. These samples will take 7 days from the day we intake the sample. able to start on it until the following day, so it might take an extra day.
  • How much sample do you need?
  • What kind of container should I use?
    THC likes to stick to plastic, so we recommend using glass containers. The best container possible, would be an amber glass vial. Exposure to sunlight can also reduce potency. Also, please keep your samples cool during transport. If they get too hot (Over 80°F) they could start to lose potency.
  • Other labs ask for less sample, why do you need so much?
    First, the state requires that a full gram of any sample be tested for microbial. We also find that utilizing more sample in the extraction gives more robust results for potency, terpenes, and pesticides. This means more sample gives you more accurate results. Also, we like to have a little bit of extra sample in case we need to rerun a test. This is so we don’t have to ask you for more sample and delay your results.
  • Can I send my flower as soon as it is harvested?
    Please wait until your flower is fully dried and cured before you send it to us! We have seen that flower that is not fully processed has reduced potency due to residual moisture and chlorophyll.
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