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About Us

Cannabis analytical testing is an essential part of the legal marijuana industry, with mandates requiring that certain compliance criteria are met using a third-party, independent testing laboratory. 

As a state approved cannabis testing laboratory, PB Laboratories is dedicated to providing the most precise and accurate cannabis test results possible. Our well-rounded laboratory team brings experience from a multitude of laboratory fields, which provides us with a diverse set of perspectives for method and workflow development. With experience in high-throughput clinical, environmental, biomedical, and genetic testing laboratories, our team has the resources to tackle any aspect of cannabis testing. With the most modern instruments available, the PB Laboratories team aims to provide the most accurate and precise results possible while maintaining transparency and ensuring public safety and health. Along with this, our user-friendly Tagleaf software will allow clients to easily access their results from anywhere with internet access.

People frequently ask where the "PB" in PB Laboratories comes from. While some may think it's related to the classic peanut butter sandwich in our lunchboxes, the truth is, PB has its own unique origin story.

We recognize the passion in the cannabis industry about harnessing natural, plant-based compounds for both medical and adult use. And, we aspire to expand our expertise into other areas of agriculture, including supporting local vineyards. Hence, the concept of "Plant Based Laboratories" emerged.

However, as we delved deeper into the branding process, we discovered that "plant based" is a commonly used and descriptive term for cannabis, making it unsuitable as our official name. After several rounds of brainstorming and valuable input from our community, we found ourselves naturally shortening the name to "PB Laboratories." This concise and memorable name not only rolls off the tongue effortlessly but also gives us a fantastic URL.

Welcome to PB Laboratories – where science and nature come together for a brighter future. And yes, we admit, we really love peanut butter too!

Our Laboratory Team.

Our Executive Team.

Eric Carbonneau web res.png

Eric Carbonneau, MS, MLS (ASCP)

PBL President  & 

TriCore COO


David Grenache, PhD

PBL Vice President &

TriCore CSO

Watt,Ella-8227new Web Res.jpg

Ella Watt

PBL Treasurer &

TriCore CFO

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